Big Behaviour - Writer / Composer / Producer

Big Behaviour are London’s newest, most exciting songwriting/production team. They’ve written and produced tracks released in the UK, French and German charts and have worked with high profile Grammy-nominated Ivor Novello award winning writers, artists and producers.
Londoner Dan Colman and Bristol-born Jake Fairnie met during rehearsals in a derelict sweets factory shared with legendary Strokes producer Gordon Raphael, rapper Wiley and British grime-outfit Roll Deep. Their first band had an EP produced by Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears).
They currently write and record in central and east London, and adopt a serious but fun work ethic in the studio where they strive for historic pop songs that will withstand the passage of time.
Recent projects include: Inna Modja, Speech Debelle, Vince Kidd, Jermain Jackman, Nate James, Georgie Rose and The Cadbury Sisters.
Full discography for Jake Fairnie is HERE, full discography for Daniel Colman is HERE.

BigBehaviourPost session drinks with @speechdebelle and @timkellet