Valgeir Sigurdsson - Composer / Producer / Mixer / Engineer / Programmer

Valgeir Sigurdsson’s boundless approach to music informs his work as composer, musician, engineer and mixer.
In high demand as a producer, Valgeir has spent over a decade cultivating projects by vaunted international artists whilst developing his own particular magic brand of recording artistry, and now has two solo albums to his name.
Valgeir is the founder of the Bedroom Communtiy record label as well as Iceland’s top recording facility – Greenhouse Studios set up in Reykjavík in 1997, where in addition to several key Björk albums, Valgeir has since collaborated either as producer. mixer or arranger with artists such as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Feist, Damon Albarn, Camille, CocoRosie, Ben Frost, Sam Amidon, Nico Muhly, múm, Kronos Quartet, Brian Eno, Sigur Rós and many others.

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Valgeir Sigurdsson - Discography

Artist Title Contribution Label
Valgeir Sigurðsson 'Architecture of Loss' Perf,W,M,P Bedroom Community
Sigur Rós 'Valtari' E EMI
´Varúð´ Track E EMI
Nico Muhly 'Drones' Prog,P Bedroom Community / Decca
'I Drink The Air Before Me' Prog,P Bedroom Community / Decca
Damon Albarn 'Dr Dee' M EMI
Mr Fogg '11' E,M,P Kicking Ink
Feist 'Metals' E,Arr,P Arts & Crafts / Polydor
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka 'Silfra' E,M,P Deutsche Grammophon
Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason 'Sólaris' Mast,E,M,P Bedroom Community
Mia Maestro TBC Perf,E,Co-W,Arr,M,P TBC
Puzzle Muteson 'En Garde' Mast,Perf,E,Prog,M,P Bedroom Community
Rafiq Bhatia 'Yes It Will' M Universal
Ingrid Lukas 'Silver Secrets' E,M,P Universal
yMusic 'Beautiful Mechanical' E,M,P New Amsterdam
Erica Mou 'é' E,M,P Sugar Music
Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen, Samuli Kosminen 'Uniko' E,M,P Ondine
Wildbirds & Peacedrums 'Rivers' M Leaf
'Retina' M Leaf
'Iris' M Leaf
The Magic Numbers 'The Runaway' Perf,Prog,P Heavenly / Co-Op
Olivia Petroli 'The Den' Perf,E,Prog,M,P Discograph
Moddi 'Floriography' E,P Impeller / Universal
Valgeir Sigurðsson 'Draumalandið' Perf,E,R,W,M,P Bedroom Community
Sam Amidon 'I See The Sign' Perf,Prog,R,M,P Bedroom Community
Daníel Bjarnason 'Processions' E,Prog,M,P Bedroom Community
Tomoyo Harada 'Euja' Perf,Prog,R,W,P EMI
Ben Frost 'By The Throat' Perf,M,P Bedroom Community
Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards 'Saltwater' Perf,P Memphis Industries
Aaron Thomas 'Made Of Wood' E,M,P Everlasting Records
Hildur Guðnadóttir 'Without Sinking' M Touch
Nynke Lavermane 'Nomade' M Foreign Media Music
Er de Sjældne 'Lyserød Lyseblå Beige' M Geiger Records
Ane Brun 'Changing Of The Seasons' M,P Ballon Ranger Recordings
Camille 'Music Hole' Prog,M,P EMI / Virgin France
Sam Amidon 'All Is Well' M,P Bedroom Community
Motion Boys 'Hang On' M,P Skifan
Hugi Guðmundsson 'Apocrypha' M Unsigned
Helgi Hrafn Jónsson 'For The Rest Of My Childhood' E,R,M Playground
Call Me Cat 'I'm In A Polaroid - Where Are You?' M Playground
'Fall Down' Mast Playground
Pondus 'Sandur' E,M,P Sublime Exile Recordings
Valgeir Sigurðsson 'Ekvílibríum - LP' Perf,E,R,P Bedroom Community
CocoRosie 'The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn' E,M,P Touch And Go
Howie B & Húbert Nói 'Music For Astronauts & Cosmonauts' E Laton
Bob 'Dod Qoq Pop' Mast Rass Records
Damiak 'Micalavera' Mast n5MD
Stars Like Fleas 'The Ken Burns Effect' Mast Talitres Records
James Chapman pka 'We Can Create' E,Prog,P Mute Records
Njúton 'Roto Con Moto' E,M Smekkleysa
Lost In Hildurness 'Mount A' P 12 Tónar
Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) 'The Letting Go' M,P Drag City / Domino Records
Nico Mulhy 'Speaks Volumes' E,Prog,M,P Bedroom Community
Hilmar Jensson 'Tyft' E,R Skirl Records
Ben Frost 'Theory Of Machines' Co-P,M Bedroom Community
Laurence Revey 'Laurence Revey' M,P Mve Recordings
Reykjavik 'Glacial Landscapes, Religion. Oppression...' E,M,P 12 Tónar
Björk 'Surrounded' (Various 5.1 mixes) M One Little Indian
'Drawing Restraint 9' E,Co-P,Prog One Little Indian
'Who Is It' (single - tracks) E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Triumph Of A Heart' (single - tracks) E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Medulla Album' E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Vespertine Album' E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Selmasongs Album' and Soundtrack For 'Dancer In The Dark' E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Domestica Pagan Poetry' (Single) E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Vespertine Live Album' E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Homogenic Live Album' E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Family Tree' Box Set Tracks E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
'Being John Malkovich' Soundtrack Tracks E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
Eskimo Joe 'A Song Is A City' W,P Festival Mushroom
Seventhsun 'Melody' M,P A&G Productions
Slow Blow 'Nói Albinói' Soundtrack Album E,M Kitchen Motors
Machine Translations 'Love On The Vine' W,M,P SPUNK!
Bertine Zeitlitz 'Sweet Injections' Co-P,Prog Capitol Norway
Steintryggur 'Dialog Album' M Bad Taste
Thomas Hanreich 'Gods And Monsters' W,M,P Sony Germany
Múm 'Finally We Are No One' R,M,P Fat Cat UK
'Loksins Erum Við Engin' R,M,P Smekkleysa
Napoli 23 'Napoli 23' E Bad Taste
Védis 'In The Castle' Prog Skifan
Egill S 'Tonk Of The Lawn' E,Prog,M,P Some Bizarre / Bad Taste
Megas 'Far Thinn Veg' E,Prog,M,P Edda
Ulpa 'Mea Culpa' E,Prog,M,P Edda
Fabula 'Kossafar á Illini' E,Prog,M,P Skifan
Milljonamæringarnir ...meiri Vitlevsan E,M,P Edda
Lace 'Zeitgeist' E,Prog,M,P Bad Taste
Quarashi 'Kristnihald' E,M Skifan
Heiða 'Svarid' Album M Bad Taste
Stolid 'Allt Tekur Enda' E,M,P Japis
Bang Gang 'You' Album Tracks E,Co-P,Prog,M East West / Skifan
Magga Stína E,Co-P,Prog,M One Little Indian
Didda 'Strokid & Slegid' AlbumTracks E,Prog,W,M,P Bad Taste
Unun 'Ótta Album' E,Co-P,Prog,M Bad Taste
Fitl 'Undur' E,M,P Smekkleysa
Helgi Björns 'Helgi Björns' Album E,Prog,M,P Skifan
Páll Óskar 'Seif Album' Tracks Prog,W,P Bad Taste
Bellatrix 'Stranger Tales' Album Tracks E,M,P Bad Taste
Birthmark 'Unfinished Novels' Album E,Arr,W,P Nest
Various Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol. 3 (Shoegazing 1985 - 2009) P Soma Quality Recordings
Cathedral Classics Vol 1 P Sonic Cathedral Records
Bonnie Lay And Love E,R,M,P Drag City
Keren Ann Keren Ann E,R Delabel
Kate Nash Caroline's A Victim E,M,P Moshi Moshi
Maps Don't Fear E,Prog,P Last Space Recordings
Mandy Kane Tragic Daydreams W,M,P Warners
Björk Triumph Of A Heart E,R,P One Little Indian
Who Is It M One Little Indian
Cocoon M,P One Little Indian
Hidden Place R,P One Little Indian
Pagan Poetry Prog One Little Indian
The Chronicles Of Narnia : Prince Caspian Original Soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams E,R,P Walt Disney Records
The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn TBA Original Soundtrack by Mia Maestro 'Llovera' Perf,E,Co-W,Arr,M,P TBC Atlantic
Drawing Restraint 9 Original Score by Bjork, Additional Music Valgeir Sigurdsson & Mark Bell E,M,P
Being John Malkovich Original Soundtrack - tracks with Björk E,Co-P,Prog,M Virgin / One Little Indian
Dancer In The Dark Original Soundtrack by Björk E,Co-P,Prog Zentropa Films
Nói Albinó Original Soundtrack by Slow Blow E,M Palm Pictures
Villiljos Feature Film Score W,M,P ZikZak Productions
Islensk Thra Television Drama W,M,P TV1 Iceland
H�gan Elektra Stage Production for Theatre W,M,P National Theatre of Iceland
Siberia Express Documentary W,M,P TV1 Iceland