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IRKO is the Music industry’s most beloved (and only?) bow-tie-wearing Mix Engineer.

Originally from Venice Italy, now in Los Angeles, he opened his first small studio in 1998, ‘working out of a garage was a great experience that allowed me to practice my audio engineering and communication skills’ he says. Later relocating to New York, he soon got to work with huge artists like Jay-Z (Kingdom Come), Kanye West (88-Keys – The Death of Adam), Bad Boy records and many others before going “out west” to LA where he has built his own state-of-the-art mixing facility.

Mixing is a precise process for IRKO, focusing his attention on the specific vision, proportions, punch and energy trends of a piece. He refines the sonics, depth, width, soundscape, brightness, integrity, message, recognizability and forwardness to consolidate the mix into a “one of a kind” experience (check his playlist for examples).

Recently mixing  “Black Thought” from the Roots and a myriad of other projects ranging from K Pop to Alternative projects, IRKO’s special approach continues to reap dividends for his clients.

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