Greg Haver - Producer / Mixer / Engineer

Greg Haver is an award-winning producer with a background in engineering, programming and drumming. He built his impressive reputation with artists including the Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C, INME, Opshop, John Cale, Catatonia, Super Furry Animals and Bullet for my Valentine. He’s renowned for his diverse production skills and innovative arrangements.

Greg has had a long-standing working relationship with the Manic Street Preachers, producing their “Lifeblood” album. He also produced tracks from their “Know Your Enemy”, “Lipstick Traces” and “Send Away the Tigers” albums and was the band’s percussionist on their 2002/3 “Greatest Hits” tour. He has also produced songs for James Dean Bradfield’s “The Great Western” and Nicky Wire’s “I Killed the Zeitgeist” solo albums.

Greg has recorded extensively overseas, producing major label artists such as Opshop, The Simpsons, Chinaski, The Feelers, Make Believe, Onirama, GEM, Junica (Featuring Ladyhawke) Novastar, Marvin, Tribes of the City and Codes. Recent projects include records for The Chills, Martin Carr, Ekko Park, Devilskin, Caroline Chevin, Trouble Gang, Nigel Stanford, Ophelia and Ciaran McMeeken.

Greg has worked at developing and supporting new artists throughout his career including Grammy award-winners Amy Wadge, Joel Little and Kimbra. He’s also worked with Gwenno, Alex Stacey, Bullet for my Valentine and many others. Greg currently curates several songwriting and recording development programs, and gives seminars and lectures worldwide on production and the recording industry.

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Greg Haver - Discography

Artist Title Contribution Label
Manic Street Preachers 'Send Away The Tigers' (album) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'Lifeblood' (album) M,P Sony / Sony BMG
'Know Your Enemy' (album) P Sony / Sony BMG
'This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours' (album) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'Lipstick Traces' (album) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'Greatest Hits' E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'National Treasures' (singles album) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'Indian Summer' (single) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'The Love of Richard Nixon' (single) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'Empty Souls' (single) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'There By The Grace Of God' (single) E,P Sony / Sony BMG
'You Stole The Sun From My Heart' (single) P Sony / Sony BMG
Knives at Noon 'Handshake of the Heartache' (single) P Liberation Music / Mushroom
'Ruled By Fear' (single) P Liberation Music / Mushroom
Annabel Fay 'Show Me The Right Way' (album tracks) Co-P,P EMI
Dusso and the Holy Smokes 'Make it Rain' (single) P House of Phoenix
Onirama 'Sti Hora Ton Trelon' (album) P Lyra Records
Albany Down 'South of the City'(album) P AD Recordings
Alen Seed 'No More Silence' (album) P Warner Music Spain
Sleeping Dogs 'Myth Reducer' (album) P Quicksand Recordings
'Death of a Muse' (album) P Quicksand Recordings
Chris Townsend 'Copenhagen' (album) E,M,P Pledge Music
'Electric Pylons' (EP) E,M,P Pledge Music
Storyfold 'Rocket Science' (album) P Self
The Fanclub 'Let's Measure Next Year Better' (album) P Underdogs Music
Katie Thompson 'Impossible' (album) P Sellaband
Supermodel 'To the Mountains' (album) P Self
Kimbra 'Deep for you' (single) P NZOA
Ellie Lawson 'Learn' (single) P Self
The Diamond Noise 'Never Say Never' (single) E,M,P Mother Tounge
Six60 'Finest Wine' (single) P CRS
Hermes 'Jack' (single) P Hermes Records
'No Age for Saints' (single) P Hermes Records
Seven Days 'Outside' (single) P Self
'Harder to Breathe' (EP) P Self
Jesus Jones 'Right Here, Right Now' (re-record) P Self
Opshop 'Secondhand Planet' (album) P Siren Record (NZ)
'Until The End Of Time' (album) P OpShop Music / Rhythm Method
Melanie C 'Beautiful Intentions' (album) P Red Girl Records / Warners
'Next Best Superstar' (single) P Red Girl Records / Warners
'Better Alone' (single) P Red Girl Records / Warners
Nicky Wire 'I Killed The Zeitgeist' (album) E,M,P Red Ink
James Dean Bradfield 'The Great Western' (album tracks) E,P Sony Music
Bullet For My Valentine 'You' E,M,P PYNCI
'Play With Me' E,M,P PYNCI
INME 'White Buttefly' (album tracks) Add,P Music For Nations / V2
'Faster The Chase' (single) E,P Music For Nations / V2
'So You Know' (single) E,P Music For Nations / V2
'7 Weeks' (single) E,P Music For Nations / V2
Black River Drive 'Perfect Flaws' (album) Co-P Placid Casual / Creation
Super Furry Animals 'Mwng' (album) E Placid Casual / Creation
'Outspaced' (album) E Placid Casual / Creation
'Guacamole' E Placid Casual / Creation
'Ysbeidiau Heulog' E Placid Casual / Creation
'Y Gwyneb lau' E Placid Casual / Creation
'Gwreiddiau Dwfn' E Placid Casual / Creation
Catatonia 'International Velvet' (album tracks) E Blanco Y Negro
'Blow The Millenium Part II' E Blanco Y Negro
'I'm Cured' E Blanco Y Negro
'Mantra For The Lost' E Blanco Y Negro
'Apathy Revolution' E Blanco Y Negro
'Intercontinental Sigh' E Blanco Y Negro
The Feelers 'Playground Battle' (album) M,P Warner Music New Zealand
'Whoever Said' (greatest hits single) M,P Warner Music New Zealand
GEM 'New' (album) P Excelsior
Carly Binding 'So Radiate' (album) P FMR / Warners
CODES 'Trees Dream In Algebra' (album) E,P EMI
John Cale 'Beautiful Mistake' Soundtrack - 2001 BAFTA Winning Marc Evans Film E,M S4C
Jonny Love 'Jonny Love' (album) P Warners
'Courage' (album) P Warners
The Hot Puppies 'Blue Hands' (album) E,M,P THP
The Earlybirds 'Favourite Fears' (album) P Warners
Marvin 'This Good Life' (album) E,M,P TBA
'Super Constellation' (album) E,P TBA
Wilder 'Girls Vs Boys' (single) E,Co-P Rough Trade
The Crimea 'Secrets of the Witching Hour' (album) M FreeTwoOne
Tribes of the City 'For The Sleepy People' (album) E,M,P Platforma
The Afternoons 'The Days We Found In The Sun' (album) E,M,P FF Vinyl
'My Lost City' (album) E
'Rocket Summer' (album) E,M,P Saturday Records
'Sweet Action' (album) E,M,P Saturday Records
'Fan Fiction' (album) E,M,P Saturday Records
The Simpsons 'The Ten Commandments Of Bart' (single) Co-W,P Geffen
48 May 'The Mad Love'(album) P FMR
The Dirty 9s 'Stop Screaming Start Dreaming' (album) E,M,P SciFi Girl
Drive By Audio 'Bring The Pain' (album) E,P Rock Star Games
So What 'Tip Toes' (album) P Sellaband
Tanel Pandar And The Sun 'Here Comes The Sun' (album tracks) E,M,P Crunch Industry
Breed 77 'Alive' P Albert Productions
'Remember That Day' P Albert Productions
Zabrinski 'Yeti' (album tracks) E,M,P Ankst
Soft Toy Heroes 'Thank God The Takeaways Open' (album) E,M,P Ness Records
Superhuman 'Taste It' (album) P Sound Division
Another Story 'Traffic' (EP) E,M,P Control Yourself Records
They Walk Among Us 'Mathematics. Art in Progress' (album tracks) E,M,P Monokos Music
Squeezebox 'Drowing in Shallow Water' (album tracks) E,M,P FF Vinyl
Studio Arcade 'IDT' (album) E,M,P Kosh Records
Make Good Your Escape 'Never Look Back Here Again' (mini album) E,M,P Fierce Panda
The Last Grand 'Alive' (EP) E,M,P Self
Budapest 'Budapest' (EP) E,M,P Self
Bluesky Research Various Singles E,M,P Decca
The Stop Motion Men 'Spit and Chew' (EP) E,M,P RGR
Gwawr 'YFory' (single) E,M,P TPF Records
Jay Leighton 'Polaroids And Stills' (album) E,M,P Belafonte Records
'Hours' (album) P Strata Music
States Of Emotion 'Black And White To Gold' (album) P Rinse
Buffalo 77 'Memento' (album) E,M,P Juno Records
Pluto 'Dance Stamina' M,Re-M EMI
Novastar 'Tunnel Vision' (Single) Re-M EMI
Goodnight Nurse 'This Is It' Re-M Warners
Patrick Jones 'Commemoration & Amnesia' (album) E,M,P Big Noise
Big Linda 'I Loved You' (album) E,P Sony ATV Publishing
Hogan 'Boom!' (album) E,Co-P,M Hogan Music
Nathan King 'The Crowd' (album tracks) P Hum
MC Mabon 'Jonez Williamz' (album) E,M,P Sain
'The Hunt For Meaning' (album tracks) E,M,P Ankst
Cape Fear 'Your Kingdom' (album) P Modern World
Derrero 'Derrero' (album) E,M,P Big Noise
'Fixation With Long Journeys'(album) E,M,P Big Noise
'Small Pocket Machine' (EP) E,M,P Big Noise
Richard Parfitt 'Highlights In Slow Motion' (album tracks) E,M,P Rough Trade
Studio Arcade 'IDT' (album) M,P Unsigned
Asylum Various Tracks E,M,P Simon Banks Management/SonyATV Publishing
Killing For Company Various Tracks E,M,P Stuart Cable Music
The Fight Album E,M,P Repossesion Records
The Relatives 'Now or Ever' E,M,P Spank Records
Lost Prophets Various E,M,P Visible Noise / BBC
Salvage 'Searchlight' E,M,P Despatches
The Checks 'Butter Boys' M,P Pie Club / Full Time Hobby
'Jewel Box' M,P Pie Club / Full Time Hobby
The Kennedy Soundtrack 'Wrong Day' E,M,P Instant Karma
Tetra Splendor 'Barracuda' E,M,P EMI Chrysalis
Skindread Various E,M,P Sony / BBC
Cosmic Rough Riders 'The Pain Inside' Add,M,P Poptones
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Various E,M Ankst
60 Ft Dolls Various E,M,P Rough Trade
Small Victories / Tommy And The Chauffeur 'Holding On Hopefully' (album) E,M,P Boobytrap
Amy Wadge 'The Famous Hour' E,M,P FF Vinyl
Sal 'Dysfunctional' E,M,P Copro
Big Leaves 'Alien And Familiar' (album) E,M,P Dellorso
Puscha 'Steal Your Life Back' (album) E,M,P Full On Entertainment
Dopamine 'A Lesson In Dying' (EP) E,M,P Golf Records
Tourist 'The Minutes Last For Years' (Album) M,P NZOA
The Rabble 'Carry On' M,P NZOA
'Friday Night' M,P NZOA
Zabrinski 'Koala Ko-Ordination' M,P ANKST
Onirama 'Methismeno Tatouaz' (Album) P EMI Greece
Peter Aristone '19 Days in Tetbury' (Album) P BrainZone
Albany Down 'Not Over Yet' (Album) P AD Recordings
'Feed The Flame' (Album) P AD Recordings
Chills 'Snow Bound' (Album) P Fire
The Feelers 'I'm Alive' P Feelers Music
Ekko Park 'Know Hope' P DRM
'Horizon' P DRM
Chinaski 'Rockfield' (album) P Brainzone
'Není nám do pláče' (Album) P Brainzone
'Hlavolam' (single) P Umusic
Chinaski 'Stiznost' (Single) P U Music
Ophelia 'Blackbox Memories' P Ophelia Music
Ciarian McMeeken 'Ciaran McMeeken' (Album) P DRM
'The Screaming Man' (EP) P DRM
Make Believe 'Matter of Time' (Album) P Warner
Junica 'The Celebration' (Album) P Warner
Martin Carr 'New Shapes of Life' (Album) Co-P Tapete Records