Along with its core business of managing record producers and artists, Stephen Budd Management leverages it's vast experience in the music industry by offering consultancy services to different stakeholders - from labels to music festival producers.

For Independent and Up and Coming Music Festivals

Stephen Budd Music offer fee-based advice on Music Festival production, promotion and artist booking. The photo here captures some of the festivals we have advised, such as Africa Express (UK); NH7 Weekender (India); DMZ Peace Train (Korea Demilitarised Zone); One Fest (UK) and Give a Home (UK) and many more.

For Artists

Stephen Budd Management offers a fee-based management consultancy service to selected artists needing guidance.
From strategic planning to day to day activities. We will give our expertise and leverage our connections to all areas of the music and entrainment business including but not limited to; recording, producers, live production, gigs, touring, showcasing, publishing companies, record labels, marketing, press, radio, Television, social media, promotion, advertising, brand and story building plus legal services

For Artists and small Independent Record Labels

Stephen Budd Music offer a fee-based A&R consultancy for those labels / artists needing ‘on the spot’ or project based service. From A&R-ing full scale album projects to shorter term one off projects, we give a music based A&R input to help develop the best possible end musical product.

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