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Benbrick is a multi faceted multi-million selling songwriter and producer. His work ranges from the heartbreaking Sakura Nagashi from Japanese Grammy winning record Fantôme, to his stirring and ethereal original scores and production for spoken word artist George The Poet’s 5 x British Podcast Award & NME Best Podcast Award winning “Have You Heard George’s Podcast?”

Benbrick wrote Sakura Nagashi with Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru. The #1 single was also the end credits theme in the Academy Award winning movie Evangelion 3.33 has sold over one million copies.

After hearing his original music interwoven with scenes from TV show Derek Ricky Gervais called him “a future genius” and his music “stunningly beautiful”. This led to creating music for the boxset advertising campaign.

Benbrick wrote Gasoline with Troye Sivan. The EP TRXYE reached #1 in 66 countries selling 80,000 records in the US. Gasoline has been streamed 18 million times on Spotify and described by Troye as “the one that is the most personal”.

Benbrick’s debut artist EP Closer | Closure is a heartbreakingly honest and modern take on the break up record with sparse but dynamic production framed by haunting vocals and intense lyrics.

Benbrick was additional composer on #1 German Box Office movie Welcome to the Hartmanns, and has music synced in adverts and TV shows around the world including McClaren, P&G, and Disney.

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Paul Carter (Benbrick): "Sakura Nagashi" (桜流し) (piano version)
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