TikTok without the burnout

It’s no secret that TikTok is a hit machine: designed for international virality, with music at its core. TikTok videos have to be personal and authentic: it’s in the platform’s DNA. Simply handing over the account to a third-party rarely works, so it has to be artists themselves creating the video moments that could revolutionise their career.

That’s a lot of pressure to heap on an artist, and it’s where burnout can begin. So how can you support your artists better, to help create truly authentic and impactful TikTok content, in a way that reduces pressure, stress, and burnout? This Sandbox Guide explains how management, labels, and marketers can help relieve the load through the planning, execution, and reaction phases of using TikTok.


  • TikTok is a good marketing tool, but burnout limits an artist’s creative thinking as well as energy. And artists are becoming more vocal about the pressure they feel. So how do you find a different path?


  • TikTok’s authenticity is its charm – and it’s why artists should be careful: but there is a simple but highly effective framework that marketers can create to support, share in, and guide the creation of authentic-feeling content that takes the load off artists.


  • Case studies: Novo Amor doesn’t consider himself a ‘TikTok artist’ but started posting on the platform during a trip to the Antarctic with Greenpeace – to a great reception; and Glass Animals, as one of the biggest bands in the world, need a TikTok presence but are incredibly busy – so their digital agency Be-Hookd Digital acts as their TikTok guide. We find out how.


  • Practical advice from people creating sustainable success on TikTok: TikTok UK’s David Mogendorff; Sam Johnson of Identity Marketing; Joe Hasting, of Help Musicians; Malena Wolfer, of Believe UK; George James of Be-Hookd; Jessie Scoullar of Wicksteed Works; Darren Hemmings, of Motive Unknown, and Andreas Casanova, of We Shape This.


  • Alternatives: beyond simply not using TikTok at all, how do you use it in a way that feels different and palatable to the artist?


  • Looking to the future: TikTok isn’t going anywhere – but it’s still not being seen as part of a holistic strategy by some. So how do you integrate TikTok into the bigger picture?

More information and article sourced from: musically.com 


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